This site was originally created by John Fuller as a record of the descendants of Henry and Susannah Fuller, who sailed to the Cape Colony on the ship Ocean, along with several thousand other British emigrants in the group known as the 1820 Settlers. I have now taken over the management of the site from John, and it is likely that in the future the site will change somewhat as I develop it to reflect my own interests. However, I do intend to keep all the original Fullers of the Ocean information available.

As well as the descendants of Henry and Susannah, the site includes the known descendants of Henry’s siblings, a number of whom later followed him out to the Cape. The Fuller genealogy on this website therefore starts with Henry’s parents, William and Ann Fuller of West Ham, Essex, in England. Currently the site names 438 known descendants (and spouses of descendants) of William and Ann in 77 different families.

The site is organized into generations, each with its own link on the left of the site. Henry and Susannah themselves are Generation 1, the first in South Africa. Note that if you want to see all the children born to a particular couple, make sure you’re looking at the list for the parents’ generation – children who did not have offspring or whose marriages and children aren’t on the site will not appear in the list for the next generation (visit the link Build your tree for more about this).

The “Surname List” contains all the surnames that appear on the site and the “Name Index” contains a list of every individual on the site. Each entry on both lists is linked to the page where it appears.

Information about living people has been excluded in order to protect their privacy. Where records have not been verified, a 'living' person is regarded as anyone born within the last 110 years.

I welcome your comments and contributions. In particular, I believe our mutual enjoyment of this resource would be enhanced by the appearance on the site of as many photographs of our Fuller ancestors as we can assemble. In general, I would post fairly low-resolution copies of photographs to the site, so that the integrity of ownership of the original is respected.

You can reach me by e-mail, or if you wish to contact John then you can write to him here.


Mark Burgess

15 April 2007

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